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The Existance of God?

January 1, 2009

What would happen if the question of God’s existence was proven one way or the other?

Does the existence of god (God) matter? If He exists would that be the end of the earth for atheists (literally) and if he doesn’t exist, what then for organized religion?

The debate on the existence of god is an extremely passionate one; a debate that I don’t necessarily think I can add a lot to. However, I think we need to question the debate itself, by speculating what would happen if either side was right. Below, I have  listed possible ramifications of solving the debate either way. Its in no way a complete list, just a few ideas I’ve jotted down.


CominGloryJustJesus by mareeshastar

God exists

It is proven that a god does exist, outside the various religious texts, then what would happen to the world?

What then for the atheists? Probably the first thing would be for them to eat humble pie and admit they are wrong, be confirmed by the church ( after all the christian god is a merciful for giving god), and hurriedly start attending Sunday mass to make up for lost time.

The established Church may also begin to have a much greater say in government and society; after all if they are the messengers of the divine, then they probably should have some say in policy making. This may even turn hundreds of years of work towards democracy on its head – theocracy here we come. In addition priests may gain a more dominant position in society, regaining status lost well over 100 years ago.

Finally, it is quite possible that the world would become a lot more conservative. The Church has never been known for liberal attitudes; from homosexuality to women to in earlier times minority groups and it is likely that has the Church integrates itself more fully into government, that a more conservative attitude would take hold. This would also make social change a lot harder, be it issues such as women priests or economic liberalisation, slowing the rate of change in society right down.

God does not exist

I think the ramifications of proving that god does not exist are going to be far greater to society as a whole than the proving of his existence. Off the top of my head, I can think of a number of major issues:

  1. Social disruption – billions of people place a lot of faith in the existence of God, a lot more than place their faith in His non-existence. The social dislocation caused by these people suddenly losing their faith would be enormous. Riots and revolution may be the tip of the iceberg.
  2. Church – the Church is highly intertwined with daily life, from small local community organistations to entire states (think the Vatican and possibly Iran and Israel). Maybe the very basis for the existence of these states would cease to exist? The structure and reason for being of these states would vanish.
  3. Extremist and hate groups. If they couldn’t hate on religious grounds, be it Jewish or Muslim, then this would put a large number of these group out of action, at least until they found something else to hate about people.
  4. Church – What would happen to the wealth the Church had accumulated over thousands of years? Would they be sued for fraud? Governments claiming back years of taxes from these not-for-profit entities?


Now in this post I’m not speculating either way on whether a God exists or not, simply postulating potential ramifications should the question ever be answered. In reality I doubt that the question is ever going to be settled, at least in my life time. We should consider the possible ramifications of an answer to the question and indeed whether we want to answer it at all. The social and political upheaval would be immense.

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  1. January 1, 2009 12:20 pm

    You have hit the proverbial nail on the head! You said, “The social and political upheaval would be immense”. That is an understatement. Jesus is coming again! Truth will be revealed and confirmed.

  2. January 1, 2009 1:20 pm

    You’ve definately written an interesting article. There are far too many unknown variables, and even if we were to exclude them all (for the sake of simplifying things, and actually coming to somewhat of a conclusion), how could we speculate on such matters, given that our personal understanding would have to fully encompass every religion in the world, every economical/sociable structure, and then, only then will we be able to do what you’ve just attempted.

    Now, for the sake of discussion, lets assume one day (2 maybe 3 hundred years down the line) someone proves God doesn’t exist. Religious groups wouldn’t buy it – Christians wouldn’t buy it, Muslims wouldn’t buy it, and Judaists wouldn’t buy it, unless you not only disprove God exists, but also disprove every single aspect of the religions.

    Now, just for a few notes on others attempting to take down a religion, we’ll go with Islam (as i’m somewhat more familiar with it, rather than the rest). There are well over 65,000 books written against it, in a multitude of subjects/topics, touching alot of aspects of the religion, its history, etc. Has that done anything? No, it has failed completely.

    I hope that i’ve been able to add at least a little bit of useful information.

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