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Airport baggage

January 7, 2010

I was reading this article this morning on a bungled terrorism training exercise in Europe. Essentially police in Slovakia placed explosives in the luggage of a number of airline passengers then proceeded to go find them (the explosives that is). Unfortunately, explosives placed on one unsuspecting passenger, who was travelling to Ireland, was missed and the passenger boarded the flight to Dublin. Then, the Irish police failed to detect the explosives coming into the country. The news article makes a big deal about security forces missing the explosives and how embarrassing it is for them that this could happen.

However, what the article fails to do question is why on earth policy were using an innocent victim’s luggage to test their security screening processes. Using a random passenger’s luggage for an exercise like this is simply trouble waiting to happen.

The article then goes on to state that the man was arrested but later released and will not face any charges.

Arrested? Later released without charge?!? Thank goodness for that! What sort of world are we coming to where an innocent man is arrested for a police bungle? Imagine that he had travelled to the US (or Australia for that matter). Would we find him placed on some terrorism watch list, forever stigmatized with the ‘terrorist’ tag? Would the AFP be trailing him for months, spending millions of dollars tracking down every school classmate he ever had to interview him, in order to ‘complete their investigations’? It beggars belief as to the sort of world we are coming to.

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