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Why is the world the way it is? Can it be explained? Is there a reason to life, or indeed does there need to be? My blog brings together a wide range of my writings on various topics, from philosophy to politics and society. I try not to take myself too seriously, life was never meant to be serious. In fact, to paraphrase Monty Python, its all a bit absurd really – the probability of you sitting here reading my blog are so small as to be quite funny.

The blog brings together my many thoughts and ideas, in their raw form. A lot of the ideas may seem disjointed and sometimes contradictory. And thats fine by me. These ideas are then refined into a finalised form at some point in the future for publication. Most of the ideas here are not structured as an academic argument (hence they are missing references and acknowledgements) and are written for easy reading.

I tend not to edit or deny comments made on my blog – except those that are clearly violent or extremely abusive in nature.

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